Interview with coding expert – Atyant Srivastava

  1. Please tell us more about your roots and what your background looked like?

I basically belong to a middle-class family. My father was a Judge, so discipline is ingrained in my blood. My Mother is a homemaker. Since my father was in a transferrable job I had to switch schools very frequently, it was very difficult but at the same time gave me the opportunity to meet different kind of peoples which I believe helped me a lot in understanding every new person I meet. I have a younger sibling, my sister and as a regular sibling, we used to fight a lot when we were children.

  1. When did your passion for coding and technology plunge in?

I was introduced very early into Computer studies and did some MS office course way back in the year 1996-1997, but as far as passion for coding it really started when I got my first job and got to work on Live Projects. I was in fact not very sure during my college days whether I will be involved with hardcore coding or not. With my first job in the year 2008 I really got inclined towards coding and from there on my interest grew in this field. Working as a Software Engineer Trainee in my first company I was able to unleash my passion for coding and also, I had it in my mind that I have to pursue my career in the Software field only.

  1. What were a few hurdles/Challenges that you faced in your technical career?

I have not faced any hurdles as such but as far as challenge is concerned we as a software engineer must always be updated with the new technology, we are in constant need to upgrade our skills. This field is full of challenges and anyone in this field should be ready to learn new things without any hesitation.

  1. How did you make a mark for yourself in the technical space, even after so much of competition in the market?

The key is learning. Keep learning and gaining more and more knowledge around the technical space is my mantra. I am always ready to learn new things no matter whether it is related to my field in which I am working or not. At the same time, one should master a single technology which would help you to stand out from other persons. A common phrase nowadays is Jack of all trades master of One.

  1. How do you handle stress/pressure? What motivates and drives you?

Keeping your calm helps me to handle any pressure or stress. Find out what is the reason for the pressure or stress and start working in smaller chunks to get the problem resolved. Getting frustrated or getting angry will not do any good when you are in stress or pressure so instead of that try to find out the reason and turn the tides towards you.


  1. Please share your top 3 learning in life?
    1. The only thing permanent in life is change, so be ready to change yourself for the good.
    2. Always learn new things, remember learning never get wasted.
    3. Dedication towards whatever you do.
  1. What is your vision with respect to the work that you are doing for the future?

I am currently working as a Project Lead in Robotics Process Automation and I believe it is one of the most emerging fields in the near future. Automation is the next big thing where every company is investing to get rid of mundane tasks and use their workforce for better productive works. This not only helps the company to increase its profit and at the same time, but they also don’t have to do any infrastructure changes to accommodate automation. I want to learn every trick of this book.

  1. What role do you think programming and coding are going to play in the future? Is it going to capture every sector?

Programming and coding still play a crucial role and will be playing crucial roles in the coming times. The kind of advancement we are seeing in today’s technology, programming, and coding will become more popular but at the same time, it will become much simpler for the freshers to learn. Yes, it is going to capture every sector in the near future.

  1. What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is the time when you go home and sleep peacefully by thinking that what I did today was totally worth it. That satisfaction which comes in your mind that you are doing something good and which makes you worthy is the real success. This gives meaning to your life and at the same time encourages you to grow further. Success is not about awards all the time, but yes awards get you recognition in the outer world. Being happy and satisfied with whatever you are doing is successful for me.

  1. How do you give back to the community/society?
    1. Regular blood donation every year from the past 6-7 years.
    2. Donation towards different relief funds
    3. Donation towards the education of the poor.
    4. Teach anyone interested in what I know.
  1. Any piece of advice for the youth? How can they reach out to you (social media handles etc)?

My message to today’s youth is that Learn as much as you can, gather knowledge, share knowledge. Today’s youth are very blessed with so many resources available over the internet, take advantage of it. Don’t run towards the money but run towards the knowledge as money will follow you if you have knowledge. Do something which makes you a worth. You can find me anytime on Linked-in. Not very active on FB but yes I check it sometimes.

You can connect with Atyant on his Linkedin

Interview was taken by our team member Piyush Jain

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      Amazing Atyant! Congrats and all the best πŸ˜‡

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    You have great potential to reach to the top. Keep believing in yourself. All the best!

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    Amazing Atyant! All the best.


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