Boosting Mental Health

Nowadays stress is widespread amongst youngsters globally. India has raised its bar in confronting the mental health crisis. Why is it so? Have you ever wondered?

‘The Pressure of Perfection’ is the thrust that triggers stress. Basically, this pressure can be of different types. Sometimes self-expectations are too high or there is a strong hunger for seeking attention from their peers and sometimes, it is the pressure of fulfilling others’ expectations, which have always been unachievably high. The menace of failure or losing always terrorizes the mind. It’s not just a single factor that torments those, who attempt to take their own. Peer Pressure to appear flawless in every aspect of life along with partially treated depression, may result in suicide attempts as well. It’s devastating, messy, confusing, and raw.

Raising mental health awareness is good, but the hows and whys are  important too - BBC Science Focus Magazine

Step forward or dig at the same place, it’s your choice. Don’t run thinking that whatever you do, would go downhill instead begin to nurture your mental health every day as you progress.

“It’s never too late, to rebuild what you want”

Yes, let’s talk about it. How to Handle Stress and give up the pressure of perfection? It’s okay, you are not alone.

You may stay in the dark for a while but you need to get that light back in your life and make it memorable. Walk out of the door, seek help. Don’t think that they will not understand, just approach them. Whoever you are comfortable to share with: your closed ones, families, friends, therapists, community groups, or counselors.

Struggling in silence around words that are too loud to bear. The individuals going through this phase may experience a lack of sleep, weak-mindedness, hopelessness, helplessness, or worthlessness, being surrounded by everyone yet thinking that their existence does not even matter.

“You are too much to handle” No, you are still worthy. Create your world with what you imagine to be Self-care for your mental health. Deprivation is not healthy at all.

The brain of an individual sits at the highest position and so does the mental health, yet is neglected. Don’t just ignore when any suicidal case comes into your notice, whether it happens to your known or even to some unknown. They were triggered by numerous factors for long which were overlooked.

Now, what you need to observe is go back to the distal factors which may have been the trigger factor for a long time and have led you to be a victim of an illness.

Boosting Mental Health Awareness is necessary amongst the young generation. You may look healthy, sound confident but somewhere, deep inside, you may be miserable and stressed. Don’t think you are over sensitive, speaking your heart out is nothing you should be ashamed of. There’s help out there.

Speak out loud, “it’s not contagious”. Meditate and work together to create self-awareness among your friends or various Counselling Services. Discuss what difficulties you are going through which may be affecting you, both physically and mentally. Be body positive, and love yourself, the way you are. Break the stigma and stand out to build a strong support system that recognizes your stress area and motivates you, one step ahead.

To put it all together, I would like to say that you do not need to pressurize yourself excessively. Set down boundaries for your triggers, cope up to an extent. Everyone is fighting a battle inside and you are unaware of it, be kind and grateful to yourself. Seek help from others, learn, and stay motivated. Measure up your abilities, empower your inner strength by talking and sharing experiences that have been challenging at times. Be glad for you asked for help, you will sail through all these hardships.

“Be Aware, you care, to greet enthusiastically”

This article was written by our intern Srishti Tripathi