Book recommendation – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is written by Stephen Covey is the best seller self-growth category.

Covey believes that the way we visualize the world depends on our own perceptions. We must change our perception to change a given situation. The book starts with examples of many individuals who achieved success in their career but still searching for developing personal persuasiveness and thriving healthy connections with people around.

In earlier times(pre-1920s), the foundation of success lounged upon character ethics like integrity, humanity, and courage.
But since the 1920s, it depends on “personality ethic” like public Image, attitude, and personality. These days, people look for shortcuts to achieve success.



They aim to learn the techniques from a successful person or organization and follow them. But these “shortcuts” are illusions that give short-term outcomes. Shortcuts may save time and endeavor but are not effective in the long run. 

How to live in the most productive and positive way? This book delivers an answer to this question.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
The 7 habits with a purpose to add values in our lives are as follows:

. Be proactive
According to the author, the first big step is a shift from dependence to independence. It means acknowledging our responsibilities and using our own plan and rules to accomplish
extraordinary things in life.

Begin with the end in mind
This is the strategy of perception, purposes, and targets. Beginning with the end in mind states that when you formulate decisions today you consistently take into consideration what you stand for ‘in general’. You determine what Is important in your life, what you support, and what you want to gain in life.

Put things first
This habit involves sincerity, discipline, taking a stand of your agreements and opinions. What is the definition of your life, and how do you wish to construct it? Knowing this, you will be

proactive in your work while choosing the right priorities beneficial for your success. The second big move is that of independence to interdependence.

Think win-win
This is the habit of Paradox. The stunt is to recognize that a paradox unites the poles. You will be self-reliant but at the same time, you realize that working together with the team members or an organization can help you to gain more. You understand that it is essential to give and receive love. In case of conflicts, you will find solutions that benefit all in the way of progression. 

Seek first to understand than to be understood
Listening to others and focussing on comprehending them is one of the important qualities a leader should owe. After listening to others, one should inflict energy into being discerned.

Synergizing is required to achieve interdependence. This means that your attitude is based on respect, complicity, and belief.

Sharpen the shaw
The last, seventh habit is maintenance. It instructs you that you are improving. By practicing workout, rest, introspection, etc. one can keep their body, sanity, bonds, and spirituality in harmony.

All the habits mentioned above provide the right direction to prosperity. It influences the mind of the readers and adds precious values in their lives.

We recommend strongly to read this book to bring an optimistic impact on our lives.

This book summary is prepared by our member Shruti Shreya

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