How to be Great Leader 2021! “On Becoming a Leader”

In “On Becoming a Leader”, Warren Bennis argues that leaders are not just born they are made. This book delves into what makes a good leader by applying great strategies. This book has been insightful for many readers to the extent of being named “The dean of leadership gurus” by Forbes Magazine

            Warren Bennis leads you to think about yourself as a human being and a leader, which helps you connect with him. He presents numerous examples of exceptional leaders and explores the reasons behind their success in detail. In This book, Warren Bennis highlights important traits and elements a leader must possess.

Important Elements:

According to Bennis, the first element a leader must own is a “vision”. As such, The author continues to explain that in most cases, failure is inevitable. Furthermore, numerous exceptional people have a strong sense of purpose and a clear vision of what they desire in the initial periods of their careers, but as their careers progress, they often get stuck in following rules rather than ideas because of the corporate culture. It’s more vital to prove oneself than it is to share your thoughts and ideas. Vision and character development, according to Bennis, are critical to achieving success.

            “Passion” is the second key aspect of leadership that a leader needs to have. A passionate leader is enthusiastic about what they do as they instill hope and inspiration in others. To acquire the trust of his or her people, a leader must possess attributes such as passion, excitement, inspiration, and optimism. To instill cultural changes in organizations, leaders must get people’s support.

Sub Elements:

            Warren Bennis then continuously talking about other fundamental elements for a leader such as “trust” “Integrity”. Integrity is earned and not simply reached. This could be attained through three steps: self-knowledge, candor, and maturity.

  • Self-knowledge: An individual can only become a good leader once they are self-aware of their strength and weaknesses.
  • Candor: A leader must establish sincerity of belief, accomplishments, and persistent dedication. They should never compromise their values to make others happy.
  • Maturity: This element is a result of years of experience and knowledge. Maturiy can only be attained by being true to yourself and learning from your mistakes.

Moreover, Two more qualities a person must own to lead properly are “curiosity” and “daring”.  Many would not dare to challenge the status quo. Consequently, A leader must make their path in life through knowing their true self by accepting their responsibilities rather than putting the blame on anything or anyone.

According to Warren Bennis, Leaders must continually work on bettering themselves. Therefore, A great leader learns and understands through reflection on personal experiences regardless of all existing weaknesses and obstacles, “Good Leaders rise to the top despite their weakness, while bad leaders rise because of their weakness”.

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