Interview with SAP Consulting expert – Darshan Patel

Interview with SAP Consulting expert - Darshan Patel

Tell us more about your background and your specialized field of work.

I am a passionate collaborator, a firm believer in learning by sharing. I like to help people even if I am ignored.

I am heading SAP Operation and Competency at TCS Mexico. SAP consulting is my specialization. I am one of the few who gets work according to their calling. I enjoy working with the team when I put on my hat of competency development.


  • What led you to build a career in the SAP domain?

I got the opportunity to work in a manufacturing unit in Keny at a very young age. Over there I have got access to be part of the complete business cycle of an organization. That was the starting point and then I have done certification in SAP and joined HCL. Then never looked back.

  • What were a few challenges that you faced shifting from campus to corporate?

When I came out from campus and started working at Mafatlal industry, I was deployed at the textile unit in Navsari -Gujarat. I was heading the electronics division of 4 existing employees Three ITI fitters and 1 Diploma holder.

For the initial four months, even I was not sure, how they are repairing temperature sensors, calibrates stepper motor, etc. The theory and practical are completely different.

  • How can the youth today upskill themselves when it comes to mastering the SAP domain?

I recommend starting with a detailed knowledge of business processes. Keep your eyes open and think when you see a business. Be it a franchise business of Dominos or a Retail business of Walmart and Amazon. Study the business process.

Once you have the above skills moving to SAP Needs experience and certification. You can do both at a time by working for some start-up.

  • Most people cannot deal with the stress and pressure of corporate life, how did you overcome that?

If I say I don’t get stressed or come under pressure it will be a lie. I am a learner on that path. I am implementing proven formulas available on google to be a better planner, organizer, expert at delegation, etc.

  • Do you prefer working individually or as a part of a team and why?

Teamwork is my preference, as once you grow and want to keep growing. You need to have a team. Which is nurtured, cultured, and respected by you.

What are your top 3 life lessons?

  • Explain your point of view using the story. Have enough examples and experiences ready to share with others.
  • Do not disrespect others or make them feel rejected. Many say you can not keep everyone happy. That’s true. But if you give respect and be transparent you will not make him/her feel rejected
  • Share what you learn. Once you learn something new, within 15 days find someone or a group and teach team.
  • What is your vision with respect to the work you are doing?

I target to increase the team size by 60 to 100 YOY. Also, train young talent from Mexico who has joined TCS as freshers.

  • What advice do you have for the youth?

Today’s youth is capable, passionate, is ready to collaborate, knows what is their calling. I suggest them to connect with the people across the world. Opportunities are waiting for them. Do not restrict yourself

You can connect with Darshan Patel on his Linkedin

Interview taken by Dhairya Gangwani

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