Internship Opportunty with Aashman Foundations


Aashman Foundation ( is an NGO working for single income family widows, women empowerment & child education.

We support single income family widows by supporting them with monthly grocery and currently we are supporting 1,000 plus such widows across India. We believe in empowering widows & females. We are teaching them free of Beauty Parlor Courses, patient care courses, stitching courses, computer courses, and Achaar making to make them earn their living.

Lastly, we are running our own schools by the name of Nishulak Pathshala. We have 16 schools in 11 states of India. Where 4,500 + students are taking free education along with moral development and we provide them the tools for schools that is for education which is required.

Work From Home Along with your UG and PG Courses. These courses will help you build and grow your network and interpersonal skills.

We are now recruiting in the following departments: 

1. Human Resource (min. 6 months)

2. Sales & Marketing (3 months)

3. Social Media Marketing (3 months) 

4. Fundraiser (30-45 days)

5. Video editing ( 30 days )

6. Content Writing – English (3 months)

7. Psychology (6 months)

8. Youth MediaThon ( 6 months)


  • Minimum duration – 6 months
  • Recruitment, interviewing, handling candidates, handling, and maintaining coordination between departments.


  • Minimum duration: 3 months
  • Establishing communication with brands and individuals, brand awareness, branding, lead generation, client relationship management, etc.


  • Minimum duration: 3 months
  • Eligibility- They should own an account on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp
  • Work- They need to use these 3 platforms to create awareness about Aashman, make its voice reach the masses using social media.


  • Minimum duration: 30-45 days
  • Generate funds for the organization to support the needy, for events.
  • In the case of fundraising, a person must be energetic and ready to connect with new individuals as well as institutional organizations, need to support the organization in running campaigns with monetary as well as in-kind support. (For instance, in the case of the milk donation drive, they should be the first one to spread the word about it using their resources: all platforms of social media or over phone calls, so that they can bring cash support or milk support to the needed ones). They must know how to establish communication and achieve desired outcomes.


  • Minimum Duration: 30 days
  • The person should be able to make a video and edit it into a more creative and informative way for the NGO.
  • The person should be experienced and should know how to work on different video editing apps.


  • Duration : 3 months.
  • The candidate needs to write content in English. They need to write articles, social media content, content for brochures, content for newspaper articles, content for broucher etc.


  • Duration: 6 months.
  • We are looking for people who want to work in this department to bring a change in society. This department needs people who want to work for experience and learning purpose, we don’t want people who only has the book-ish language.
  • Case studies and stories will be shared with the interns.
  • LIVE CALLS WILL BE CONDUCTED WITH THE ABOVE MENTIONED PEOPLE – In those calls interns will have to ask them questions, talk to them, emphasize with them and understand their situation.
  • Interns will have to create a report on basis of the calls and case studies.


  • Duration: 6 months
  • Welcome to Youth Mediathon

Key Responsibility Area:

  • 1 day: Know Aashman
  • 7 days: News report weekly basis about Aashman on video this will be done every week.
  • 45 days: Chain maker.
  • 10 days: Video required as per requirement.
  • 30 days: Video how Aashman Foundation is better for widow support, women empowerment, child education, and malnutrition
  • 30 days: Talk show on various different departments/issues.
  • 21 days: Video Launch – 7 different videos, 7 different agendas, 7 different platforms
  • 15 days: complete conclusion report how Aashman Foundation is doing good for society
  • Last days: Social brand reach


We should keep in mind that Aashman Foundation is an NGO. They award us with certificates and letters of recommendation based on our performance, which adds immense value to our Curriculum Vitae (CV).

All the departments have an UNPAID STIPEND. There are no admission fees. Given the pandemic, as of now, all the work is on a work-from-home basis.


– Certificate of Completion.

– Letter of Recommendation, which makes your CV more credible.

– Offer letter.

– Flexible working hours, there are no maximum or minimum working hours, as long as you complete the task you’re good to go.

– You are free to work with any other organizations as well.

*Note: The candidate applying must have active accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.*

How to apply:-

1) Email your CV to and

2) Connect with us on LinkedIn here =