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Terms & Conditions


1.The company holds the right to admission to the Live Project program. Decision made by the management in case of any dispute will be final and will remain unchanged.

2.Our team will always keep your comfort and satisfaction as a top most priority and so we expect a collaborative and respectful approach from members for anything in hand.

3.You maybe asked to provide your feedback in a video format or text format and will be published on our website and social media pages. If any participant is in resentment with the same, it is to be informed duly before the commencement of the feedback.

4.Once final photos/videos or write ups are captured and published on social media and the forthcoming program, it  will not be removed or deleted under any circumstance. The Company cannot be held responsible for any sort of controversial or inappropriate response.

5.We do not accept cash payment and will hold no responsibility for the sum if you have forced a cash payment for the service.

6.No refunds on participation fee will be allowed, even in case of any rescheduling. You are entitled to a refund in case of an untimely cancellation of the live project altogether.

7.Nuisance of any kind, after the registration process will not be taken softly. Any kind of misconduct initiated by any participant will be strictly dealt with, extreme measures including termination of their participation immediately.

8.The content registered under your name should be original and not be pasted from another source. In case, a piece of content is found plagiarized during the background check, the sole responsibility will be of the participant.

9.The company reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the program is offered. Member shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions with the team. In case of any type of dispute, the last decision is taken by the company only.

10. Certificates will be provided at the end of live project post submission of a satisfacroty project completion report.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the duration of the live projects?

Typically the live projects are between 4-8 weeks. Certain live projects will need more duration depending on the complexity of the business problem, the solution and availbility of mentor and students.

Is it an internship or a job?

Live Projects are different from an internship or a job. Live Projects allow students to work on real life business problems to develop and upgrade domain skills. Students can work remotely on the solution with help of the mentor. Internships are typically looked from hiring or recuitment point of view for a potential talent.

I want to apply for live project but my domain is not available, what can I do?

If you want to apply for a live project in a particualr domain which is not listed in our current live projects, then you can drop us an email at
We will find a live project for you to help you learn your domain skill.

Is there any stipend for the live projects?

There is no stipend for the students for working on the live projects. Only deserving and dedicated students would get an opportunity to work on these live projects to develop thier skills and prepare themselves for the corporate jobs.

Students will get the below perks:
1) Work with highly experienced core team
2) Linkedin Recommendation and Live Project letter
3) Ceritifcation of project completion in your domain
4) Mock interview parctise for job interview

What is the process for getting a live project?

Student needs to carefully fill in the live project application form by providing all the details. Once the application is received, our team will get back to you in 48hrs to review the application and provide the results of shortlisting. If you are shortlisted, project details, ways of working, tasks will be emailed. Student may be asked to make a small payment towards registration so that only serious and deserving students work on the live projects. Typical registration fees is around INR 500-700. Once the registration is done, the live project will start and a menor will be assigned with whom the students will work closely